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Issue 71 (2014)


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Niusvel Acosta-Mendoza, Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa, José Fco. Martínez-Trinidad, Andrés Gago-Alonso, José E. Medina-Pagola

Representative Pattern Mining in Graph Collections (pp. 3–12; abstract)


Lázaro Bustio-Martínez, René Cumplido-Parra, Raudel Hernández-León, Claudia Feregrino-Uribe

Hardware Acceleration of Frequent Itemsets Mining on Data Streams (pp. 13–22; abstract)


Alexander Cerón, Iván Mondragón, Flavio Prieto

Research on Power Line Inspection by Visual Based Navigation (pp. 23–32; abstract)


Sergio Rodolfo Cruz Gómez, Manuel Martín Ortiz

Gait Analysis of the Inferior Articulations of Healthy People and with Locomotion Problems (pp. 33–42; abstract)


Helena Gómez-Adorno, Grigori Sidorov, David Pinto, Darnes Vilariño

Automatic Linguistic Pattern Identification Based on Graph Text Representation (pp. 43–52; abstract)


J. Adrián Leal-Meléndez, Leopoldo Altamirano-Robles

Physically-based Modeling of Virtual Content for a Natural way of Interaction in AR (pp. 53–62; abstract)


A. Pastor López-Monroy, Manuel Montes-y-Gómez, Hugo Jair Escalante, Fabio A. González

Image Classification through Text Mining techniques: a Proposal (pp. 63–72; abstract)


Nahun Loya, Iván Olmos, David Pinto, Jesús González

Graph-Based Representations for Computational Linguistics Tasks (pp. 73–83; abstract)


V. Javier Romano M., Manuel Martin O., Arturo Olvera L.

Computer Assisted Diagnosis of Upper Limbs Using Markerless Mocap and Discriminant Bands of Normal Movement (pp. 85–94; abstract)


Alejandro Rosales-Pérez, Jesús A. González, Carlos A. Reyes-García, Carlos A. Coello Coello

Towards a Surrogate-Assisted Multi-Objective Full Model Selection (pp. 95–105; abstract)

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