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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 147(3) (2018)


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Rodolfo Rojas Ruiz, Lisbeth Rodríguez-Mazahua, Asdrúbal López-Chau, Silvestre Gustavo Peláez-Camarena, María Antonieta Abud-Figueroa, Isaac Machorro-Cano

A CBIR System for the Recognition of Agricultural Machinery (pp. 9–16; abstract)


Rocío Ramos-Hernández, Cuauhtémoc Sánchez-Ramírez, Giner Alor-Hernández, Magno-Ángel González-Huerta, Adolfo Yara-Anahi Jiménez-Nieto, Rodríguez-Parada

A Conceptual Model for the Design of a Renewable Energy Supply Chain from Biomass (pp. 17–26; abstract)


Kathya E. Mercado, Cynthia B. Perez, Laura P. Lopez-Arredondo, Karina Caro, Luis A. Castro, Luis-Felipe Rodriguez

Agile Dimensional Model for a Data Warehouse Implementation in a Software Developer Company (pp. 27–34; abstract)


Martín Darío Arango Serna, Cristian Giovanny Gómez Marín, Conrado Augusto Serna Urán, Julián Andrés Zapata Córtes

Multi-agent Model for Urban Goods Distribution (pp. 35–44; abstract)


Simon G. Cornejo, Karina Caro, Luis-Felipe Rodriguez, Roberto Aguilar A., Cynthia B. Perez, Luis A. Castro

Design and Implementation of a Data Warehouse to Support Decision-Making in a Health Environment (pp. 45–53; abstract)


J.C. Osorio, D.F. Manotas, J.L. García

Ontology-based Operational Risk Identification in 3PL (pp. 55–63; abstract)


J.R. Díaz-Reza, J.L. García-Alcaraz, V. Martínez-Loya, I. Canales-Valdivieso

The Role of ICT in the Supply Chain of Ciudad Juarez Industrial Sector (pp. 65–73; abstract)


Julian Andres Zapata Cortes, Martín Dario Arango Serna, Conrado Augusto Serna Uran

Multiobjective Model to Reduce Logistics Costs and CO2 Emissions in Goods Distribution (pp. 75–85; abstract)

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