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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 104 (2015)


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Boris Kriheli, Eugene Levner, Michael Bendersky, and Eduard Yakubov

A Fast Algorithm for Scheduling Detection-and-Rescue Operations Based on Data from Wireless Sensor Networks (pp. 9–21; abstract)


A. Velarde M.

Objective Analysis in Task Planning and Allocation of Multicomputer Systems (pp. 23–39; abstract)


José Francisco Delgado-Orta, Laura Cruz-Reyes, Alejandro Palacios-Espinosa, and Christian Ayala-Esquivel

Solution of a Bi-Objective Purchasing Scheduling Problem with Constrained Funds using Pareto Optimization (pp. 41–50; abstract)


Abel García-Nájera and Antonio López-Jaimes

The Pickup and Delivery Problem: a Many-objective Analysis (pp. 51–60; abstract)


Fabio Tomás Moreno Ortiz, Antonio Hernández Zavala, and Omar Rodríguez Zalapa

Fuzzy System for Grade Assignment in Competence Assessment Based Educative Models (pp. 61–70; abstract)


Rubén Hernández Pérez, Ruslan Gabbasov, and Joel Suárez Cansino

Improving Performance of Particle Tracking Velocimetry Analysis with Artificial Neural Networks and Graphics Processing Units (pp. 71–79; abstract)


Raquel Salazar, Fernando Rojano, and Abraham Rojano

A Simulation of the Broiler Growth Rate Using Artificial Neural Networks (pp. 81–90; abstract)


José Cruz Ramos-Báez, María de Lourdes Martínez-Villaseñor, and Dafne Rosso-Pelayo

Methodology for the Model for Failure Prediction in a Digital Signal Distribution (pp. 91–101; abstract)


M. T. Ramírez-Torres, J. S. Murguía, M. Mejía Carlos, and J. A. Aboytes-González

A Secure Compression Scheme for Real-time Applications Using 2D-WT and Cellular Automata (pp. 103–114; abstract)


E. Vázquez-Santacruz, C. Morales-Cruz, and M. Gamboa-Zúñiga

Electronic System of an Intelligent Machine: the Case of an Assistive Bed Device (pp. 115–127; abstract)

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