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Issue 149(5) (2020)


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Intelligent Decision Support Systems for Industry Application

Cuauhtémoc Sánchez-Ramírez, Giner Alor-Hernández, Jorge Luis García-Alcaraz

Section title page (p. 9)


Cuauhtémoc Sánchez-Ramírez, Giner Alor-Hernández, Jorge Luis García-Alcaraz

Editorial for Thematic Section “Decision Support Systems for Industry Application” (p. 11; abstract)


José Roberto Mendoza Fong, José Roberto Díaz Reza, Viridiana Reyes Uribe, Adrián Salvador Morales García, Jorge Luis García Alcaraz

Relationship among Green Production Benefits: A Causal Model (pp. 13–21; abstract)


Juan Carlos Osorio Gómez, Mayerli Daniela Naranjo Sánchez, Nataly Agudelo Ibarguen

Operational Risk in Storage and Land Transport of Blood Products (pp. 23–31; abstract)


José Roberto Díaz Reza, José Roberto Mendoza Fong, Adrián Salvador Morales García, Jorge Luis García Alcaraz

Effect of AMT on Responsive Supply Chain Strategy, Pull System and Responsiveness to Market (pp. 33–42; abstract)


Karina Castro Pérez, José Luis Sánchez Cervantes, María del Pilar Salas Zárate, Luis Ángel Reyes Hernández, Lisbeth Rodríguez Mazahua

A Sentiment Analysis Approach for Drug Reviews in Spanish (pp. 43–51; abstract)


Jesús Miguel Echevarría Díaz, José Luis Sánchez Cervantes, Luis Omar Colombo Mendoza, Giner Alor Hernández, Ignacio López Martínez

An Architecture for an IoT-based Telecare System for the Elderly Using Big Data Analytics (pp. 53–59; abstract)


Jesús Fernández Avelino, Giner Alor Hernández, Mario A. Paredes Valverde, Lisbeth Rodríguez Mazahua, María A. Abud Figueroa

A Process for Automatic Generation of Medical Mobile Applications using Voice Recognition (pp. 61–69; abstract)


Angélica M. González, Cuauhtémoc Sánchez Ramirez, Diego Fernando Manotas Duque, Magno A. González Huerta, Yara A. Jiménez Nieto

A Life Cycle Cost Analysis in Wind Energy Projects in Colombia (pp. 71–79; abstract)


Conrado Augusto Serna Urán, Cristian Giovanny Gómez Marín, Julián Andrés Zapata Cortes, Martín Darío Arango Serna

A Multi-Agent System for the Inventory and Routing Assignment (pp. 81–89; abstract)


Julián Andrés Zapata Cortes, Martín Darío Arango Serna, Conrado Augusto Serna Urán, Luisa Fernanda Ortiz Vasquez

Multi-Objective Product Allocation Model in Warehouses (pp. 91–99; abstract)


Alexandra K. Medrano Roldán, Julia P. Sánchez Solís, Vicente García Jiménez, Rogelio Florencia Juárez, Gilberto Rivera Zárate

Convolutional Neural Network in a Pseudo-Distributed Environment for Classification of Chest X-Ray Images of Patients with Pneumonia (pp. 101–110; abstract)


Machine Learning for Healthcare: Modeling, Analysis and Computer Simulation

Alfonso Rojas Domínguez, Matías Alvarado

Section title page (p. 111)


Alfonso Rojas Domínguez, Matías Alvarado

Editorial for Thematic Section “Machine Learning for Health Care: Modeling, Analysis and Computer Simulation” (pp. 113–114; abstract)


Alfonso Rojas Domínguez, Héctor Puga, Manuel Ornelas Rodríguez, Itzel Guerrero Gasca

CAD of Breast Cancer: A Decade-Long Review of Techniques for Mammography Analysis (pp. 115–124; abstract)


Alfonso Rojas Domínguez

Machine Learning Techniques for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer (pp. 125–135; abstract)


Antony Morales Cervantes, Eleazar Samuel Kolosovas Machuca, Edgar Guevara, Francisco Javier González, Juan J. Flores

Evaluation of Breast Cancer by Infrared Thermography (pp. 137–149; abstract)


Matias Alvarado, Renato Arroyo

Cancer Metastasis and the Immune System Response (pp. 151–159; abstract)


Gaspar González Briceño, Abraham Sánchez, E. Ulises Moya Sánchez, Susana Ortega Cisneros, German Pinedo, Mario S. García Contreras, Beatriz Alvarado Castillo

Automatic Cropping of Retinal Fundus Photographs using Convolutional Neural Networks (pp. 161–167; abstract)


Didier Barradas Bautista

Random Forest and Deep Learning Performance on the Malaria DREAM Sub Challenge One (pp. 169–176; abstract)


Regular Papers

Section title page (p. 177)


Nouf Matar Alzahrani

COVID-19 Pandemic: An Overview of Machine and Deep Learning Methods for Analysis of Digital Media Texts (pp. 179–189; abstract)

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