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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 148(11) (2019)


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Roberto Contreras-Masse, Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti, Vicente García, Mayra Elizondo

Selection of IoT Platform with Multi-Criteria Analysis: Defining Criteria and Experts to Interview (pp. 9–19; abstract)


Jorge Arturo Flores-López, Leticia Flores-Pulido, Lidia Patricia Jaramillo-Quintero

Molecular Marker for Protein Electrophoresis by Wavelet Transform (pp. 21–34; abstract)


Gerardo Ibarra-Vázquez, Cesar A. Puente-Montejano, José I. Nuñez-Varela

A Local Image Feature Approach as a Step of a Top-Down RGBD Semantic Segmentation Method (pp. 35–47; abstract)


Oswualdo Alquisiris-Quecha, Jose Martinez-Carranza

Depth Estimation Using Optical Flow and CNN for the NAO Robot (pp. 49–58; abstract)


Fernando Pech-May, Alicia Martinez-Rebollar, Jorge Magaña-Govea, Luis A. Lopez-Gomez, Edna M. Mil-Chontal

Semantic Annotation Approach for Information Search (pp. 59–73; abstract)


Adrián Francisco Loera Castro, Alberto Ochoa Zezzatti, Jaime Sánchez, Humberto García Castellanos

Integrating CBR with Data in Bayesian Networks for Decision Making in an Echelon Supply Chain Distribution Solution (pp. 75–89; abstract)


Giovani Farias, Bruna Leitzke, Míriam Born, Marilton Aguiar, Diana F. Adamatti

Systematic Review of Natural Resource Management using Multiagent Systems and Role-Playing Games (pp. 91–102; abstract)


Erick Ordaz-Rivas, Angel Rodriguez-Liñan, Luis Torres-Treviño

Collective Behaviors in Swarms of Builder Robots (pp. 103–114; abstract)


David Kubon, Frantisek Mráz

How to Learn Picture Languages (pp. 115–126; abstract)


Claudia Vasconcellos-Gaete, Vincent Barichard, Frédéric Lardeux

On the Use of CSP Semantic Information in SAT Models (pp. 127–138; abstract)


Jaime Moreno, Oswaldo Morales, Liliana Chanona, Ricardo Tejeida, Pedro Flores, Víctor Calderón

Design of a Brain-Computer System to Measure Brain Activity during a Dolphin-Assisted Therapy using the TGAM1 EEG Sensor (pp. 139–151; abstract)


Mikael Poetsch, Ulisses Brisolara Correa, Larissa Astrogildo de Freitas

A Word Embedding Analysis towards Ontology Enrichment (pp. 153–164; abstract)


Ahad Hanif, Aslam Muhammad, Ana María Martinez-Enriquez, Adrees Muhammad

Intelligent Agent based System for Crop Monitoring (pp. 165–173; abstract)


Germán Ríos-Toledo

Análisis automático de estilo de escritura en textos de longitud variable (pp. 175–186; abstract)


Fernando Pech-May

Desarrollo de ontologías agrícolas mediante el reúso de recursos semánticos (pp. 187–198; abstract)


Bella Martinez-Seis, Obdulia Pichardo-Lagunas, Edgar Rodriguez-Aguilar, Enrique-Ruben Saucedo-Diaz

Identification of Static and Dynamic Signs of the Mexican Sign Language Alphabet for Smartphones using Deep Learning and Image Processing (pp. 199–211; abstract)

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