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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 147(10) (2018)


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Adrian Vázquez Osorio, Carlos Armando Soto Barrera, Juan Pablo Soto, Elvira Rolón Aguilar, Julio César Rolón Aguilar

Water Quality Monitoring Systems Based on Intelligent Agents: A Systematic Literature Review (pp. 9–18; abstract)


Dianne Arias, Yaima Filiberto, Rafael Bello

Method of Generating Contexts Based on Self-adaptive Differential Particle Swarm Using Local Topology for Multimodal Optimization in the Case of Multigranulation (pp. 19–28; abstract)


Antonio López Jaimes, Jorge Cervantes-Ojeda, Maria C. Gómez-Fuentes, A. Montserrat Alvarado-González

Simultaneous Evolution of Neuro-Controllers for Multiple Car-like Robots (pp. 29–44; abstract)


Eduardo Eloy Loza Pacheco, Mayra Lorena Díaz Sosa, Miguel Jesús Torres Ruiz, María Eugenia Canut Diaz-Velarde

Creating an Ontology to Represent Qualitatively a Scene in a Virtual Reality Environment (pp. 45–52; abstract)


Nadezhda Yarushkina, Aleksey Filippov, Vadim Moshkin

Extraction of Semantic Trees from a Text while Constructing Domain Ontology (pp. 53–62; abstract)


Christian Mayhua Tijera, José Ochoa-Luna

Fine-Grained Gating Based on Question-Summary for Machine Comprehension (pp. 63–73; abstract)


María Somodevilla García, Stephanie Vázquez González, Ivo Pineda Torres, Concepción Pérez de Celis Herrero

A Diagnostic Tool for Speech Disorders Based on NLP with Ontological Reasoning (pp. 75–86; abstract)


Maha Maalej, Achraf Mtibaa, Faïez Gargouri

Ontology-based User Model for Personalized Search in a Social Network (pp. 87–106; abstract)


Sukriti Verma, Vagisha Nidhi

Extractive Summarization using Deep Learning (pp. 107–117; abstract)

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