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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 122 (2016)


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Martín Montes Rivera, Marving Omar Aguilar Justo, Alberto Ochoa Zezzatti (Mexico)

Equations for Describing Behavior Tables in Thermodynamics Using Genetic Programming: Synthesizing the Saturated Water and Steam Table (pp. 9–23; abstract)


Miguel Pérez-Ramírez, Benjamin Eddie Zayas-Pérez, Rodrigo Beltran-Labra, Diego Márquez-Salazar, Carlos Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti (Mexico)

Implementation of a Reactive Model for Responding to a Trembling Earthquake: A Perspective from Virtual Reality and Multiagent Systems (pp. 25–35; abstract)


Peter Oropeza, Diego Hurtado, Edgar Gil, Pablo Maldonado, Miguel Ruiz (Mexico)

Characterization of a Passenger Vessel Sinking and Finally Foundering in Lacustrine Environment (pp. 37–47; abstract)


Fernando García-Isidro, Julissa Martinez-Lugo, Alberto Ochoa, José Alberto Hernández Aguilar (Mexico)

Implementation of an Algorithm for the Transfer of Citrus Using an Intelligent Model for Trains (pp. 49–62; abstract)


Edgar Gonzalo Cossio Franco, José Alberto Hernández Aguilar, Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti, Julio César Ponce Gallegos (Mexico)

Improving Travels of the Public Transport System of Guadalajara Using ACO (pp. 63–76; abstract)


Edna Cruz, Alberto Ochoa, José Alberto Hernández Aguilar, Eliud De La Cruz (Mexico)

Simulation and Application of Algorithms CVRP to Optimize the Transport of Mineral Metallic and Nonmetallic by Rail to Export Level (pp. 77–88; abstract)


Alberto Ochoa, Miguel Ruiz-Jaimes, Sandra Leon, Yadira Toledo, Iván Ramírez (Mexico)

Decreased Business Uncertainty by Using Bayesian Networks for the Paradigm Shift in Business Simulator (pp. 89–101; abstract)


Santiago Yip Ortuño, José Alberto Hernández Aguilar, Carlos Alberto Ochoa Ortiz (Mexico)

Implementation of a Security Model for Malware Based on Artificial Immune System (pp. 103–112; abstract)


Guillermo Escobedo Briones, Norma E. Jácome Grajales, Gustavo Arroyo-Figueroa (Mexico)

Design of a Technology Management Infrastructure for Large Volumes of Data in an Intelligent Power Network (pp. 113–126; abstract)


Jacqueline Ramos Landeros, Ma. De Lourdes Margain Fuentes (Mexico)

Development of a Framework for the Use of a Tool for Machine Learning and Data Mining (pp. 127–139; abstract)


Erika Yunuen Morales Mateos, José Alberto Hernández Aguilar, Carlos Alberto Ochoa Ortiz, María Arely López Garrido (Mexico)

A Comparison Represented in the Form of Radar of University Student Engagement in Degrees in Technologies (pp. 141–151; abstract)


Mary Arely López Garrido, José Alberto Hernández Aguilar, Carlos Alberto Ochoa Ortiz, Erika Yunuen Morales Mateos, Carolina González Constantino (Mexico)

Comparative Study of Learning Strategies of Bachelor Students in Nursing (pp. 153–162; abstract)


Miguel Pérez-Ramírez, Norma J. Ontiveros-Hernández, Carlos A. Ochoa-Ortíz, José A. Hernández-Aguilar, Benjamín E. Zayas-Pérez (Mexico)

Intelligent Tutoring Systems based on Virtual Reality for the Electrical Domain (pp. 163–174; abstract)

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