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Issue 109 (2016)


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Angélica Tenahua, Elías Olivares-Benitez, Jorge Esparza

Heuristic for Multi-objective Solution of the Periodic Vehicle Routing Problem (pp. 9–17; abstract)


Edrisi Muñoz Mata, Elisabet Capon García, Jose M. Lainez Aguirre, Konrad Hungerbuehle, Antonio Espuña Camarasa, Luis Puigjaner Corbella

Knowledge Management Systems for Supporting Enterprise Wide Optimization and Modeling: Strategic and Tactical decisions (pp. 19–26; abstract)


N. Jacome-Grajales, G. Escobedo-Briones, G. Arroyo-Figueroa

Application of Business Intelligence to the Power System Process Security (pp. 27–37; abstract)


José Roberto Diaz Reza, Deysi Guadalupe Marquez Gayosso, Valeria Martínez Loya, Julio Blanco Fernandez, Emilio Jimenez-Macias

Impact of the Work Culture and Suppliers of Equipment on the Benefits of TPM (pp. 39–50; abstract)


J.C. Osorio, D.F. Manotas, J.L. García

Multicriteria 3PL Selection with Risk Considerations (pp. 51–57; abstract)


Daniel Vázquez-Ramírez, Cristian Aaron Rodríguez-Enríquez, Giner Alor-Hermández, Cuauhtémoc Sanchez-Ramírez, María Antonieta Abud-Figueroa, Luis Ángel Reyes-Hernández

SCHASKOS: A SKOS-Based Tool for Supporting the Decision Making Process in a Supply Chain (pp. 59–68; abstract)


Leticia Dávila-Nicanor, Aldo Benhumea-Peña, Carlos Omar González-Morán, Pedro Mejía-Álvarez

Functional Tester Runner Tool (pp. 69–79; abstract)


Oziely Armenta, Aide Maldonado-Macías, Liliana Avelar Sosa, Guillermo Cortés Robles, Jorge Limón

Use of Transportation Methodology to Maximize Profits of a Private Transporter (pp. 81–87; abstract)


Mehdi Ben Abderrahmen, Bilel Gargouri, Mohamed Jmaiel

SoLDES: Service-oriented Lexical Database Exploitation System (pp. 89–109; abstract)

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