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Issue 96 (2015)


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José S. Altamirano, Manuel Ornelas, Andrés Espinal, Raúl Santiago, Héctor Puga, Martín Carpío, and Sergio Tostado (Mexico)

Comparing Evolutionary Strategy Algorithms for Training Spiking Neural Networks (pp. 9–17; abstract)


P. Rodrigo Díaz-Monterrosas, Rubén Posada-Gómez, and Albino Martínez-Sibaja (Mexico)

Advances in the Study of Hand Gesture Recognition Systems for Human Computer Interaction (pp. 19–29; abstract)


J. Leonardo González-Ruiz, J. A. Hernández-Servín,and J. Raymundo Marcial-Romero (Mexico)

Development of an Interpreter for LRT using the Exact Real Number Paradigm (pp. 31–42; abstract)


Agustín León-Barranco, Susana N. Saucedo-Lozada, Iselt Y. Avendaño-Jimenez, Ricardo Martínez-Leyva, and Luis A. Carcaño-Rivera (Mexico)

Business Intelligence in Educational Institutions (pp. 43–53; abstract)


Juan Manuel Núñez (Mexico)

Edge detection for Very High Resolution satellite imagery based on Cellular Neural Network (pp. 55–64; abstract)


Belém Priego Sánchez, David Pinto and Salah Mejri (Mexico)

Towards the Automatic Identification of Spanish Verbal Phraseological Units (pp. 65–73; abstract)


Amberlay Ruíz Serrano, Ruben Posada Gómez, Albino Martínez Sibaja, Alberto Alfonso Aguilar Lasserre, Giner Alor Hernández, and Guillermo Cortes Robles (Mexico)

Performance Evaluation for a Multimodal Interface of a Smart Wheelchair with a Simulation Software (pp. 75–84; abstract)


Harold Andres Vasquez , Hector Simon Vargas, and L. Enrique Sucar (Mexico)

Using Gestures to Interact with a Service Robot using Kinect 2 (pp. 85–93; abstract)

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