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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 84 (2014)


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Preliminaries (pp. 1–4)

Preface (p. 5)

Table of Contents (p. 7)


Alexandra Moreira, Alcione Oliveira de Paiva, and Giorgio Torres

Automatically Clustering Ontological Annotated Sentences to Detect Semantic Frames (pp. 9–16; abstract)


Rafaela Blanca Silva-López, Mónica Silva-López, Maricela Bravo, Iris Iddaly Méndez-Gurrola, and Victor Germán Sánchez Arias

GODeM: A Graphical Ontology Design Methodology (pp. 17–28; abstract)


Mohammad Iman Jamnejad, Ali Heidarzadegan, and Mohsen Meshki

Text Recognition with k-means Clustering (pp. 29–40; abstract)


S. Lakshmi and Sobha Lalitha Devi

Rule Based Case Transfer in Tamil-Malayalam Machine Translation (pp. 41–52; abstract)


Tarek Elghazaly and Abdelmawgoud M. Maabid

Assessment Criteria for Benchmarking Arabic Morphological Analyzers and Generators (pp. 53–64; abstract)


Amit Mishra and Sanjay Kumar Jain

An Approach for Computing Sentiment Polarity Analysis of Complex Why-type Questions on Product Review Sites (pp. 65–76; abstract)


Luis Miralles Pechuán, Claudia Sánchez Gómez, and Lourdes Martínez Villaseñor

Ad Exchange Optimization Algorithms on Advertising Networks (pp. 77–88; abstract)


Olga Kolesnikova

Error Patterns for Automatic Error Detection in Computer Assisted Pronunciation Training Systems (pp. 89–112; abstract)


Noé Alejandro Castro-Sánchez y Bernardo López-Santiago

Enriquecimiento automático de un léxico afectivo basado en relaciones semánticas obtenidas de un diccionario explicativo en español (pp. 113–121; abstract)

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